Manpower Tracking System

Dsolve ManPower is a software based service which provide real time tracking of an employees. It provide Monthly Report of an employee. It minimizes manual reporting system. You can excess it from mobile also.

  • Manpower & daily activities tracking for optimization & authenticity.
  • Paperless records (No daily logbooks , daily check sheets required). Savings of approx 100 papers / day.
  • Report availability - On Click.
  • Automatic instant notification system.
  • No transfer of data manually from check sheets, logbooks for report. Data entry consumes 5-6 Hrs / day of time.
  • Increased data authentication (As no manual overwriting).
  • Can be extended for energy monitoring up to our defined level, without the need of central energy monitoring system. (Intermediate Solution)
  • Decrease the response time of escalation by instant reporting through SMS.
  • Easy and readily available record maintenance for future references.