Cockpit Reporting System

Digimind’s Cockpit System helped in production units reporting, leading to a more effective and profitable processing and maintenance strategy.
Departments at the plant submitted their data through Apps or Web.

Corporate Overview

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of the German Daimler AG. It designs, manufactures, and sells commercial vehicles that cater to the demands of Indian customers and are designed with nation's terrain in mind. These vehicles are branded as "BharatBenz", "Mercedes Benz" and "Fuso". The headquarters of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles is based in India.

DICV has consolidated all functions viz., Research & Development, Human Resources, Finance & Controlling, Marketing, Sales & After sales, Product Planning, Operations and Quality Management at its new plant at Oragadam near India. The production plant at Oragadam hosts a full production facility including body shop, paint and assembly as well as all logistics needed.



Business Challenges

In today’s competitive market, every production facility is striving to operate their plant assets at a maximum capacity or efficiency level all the time. In reality, inefficient energy consumption, delays to production utilization and unplanned shutdowns are regular occurrences. Maximizing product throughput at the optimum quality is the key to profitability.

In many plants, in fact, the data necessary for measuring equipment availability & usability, production rates and energy consumption is thought to be inaccessible or too expensive to obtain. But given the bottom -line value that a targeted processing strategy based on accurate production data can deliver, the truth is that failing to monitor these key values is the more expensive option.

Iflexion business analysts had a series of meetings and workshops with the managers and domain experts of Business Car Ltd. to describe, regulate, and optimize the company’s business processes. Specialists of consulting companies were engaged to help reengineer the most problem areas.

DICV engaged in a program to improve efficiency by reducing operating costs and increasing equipment effectiveness while maintaining production throughput.

An effective strategy to better understand production issues and operational efficiency of his production plant was necessary by analysing critical information related to downtime, energy consumption ,fuel consumption of the entire production cycle. This allowed operations and maintenance staff to enable quick decision-making and target the processing and equipment issues that have the greatest impact on productivity.


Real-Time Performance Management (RTPM) solutions:

Typically, RTPM solutions use a combination of advanced monitoring technology to keep a close eye on the performance of specific equipment, plant units and even entire plants in real-time, as well as visualization software to make this information available to operations, maintenance, and plant managers and other executives.

Digimind implemented Cockpit Reporting System which used key performance indicators to create meaningful reports with data from multiple data sources such as Excel, Text/CSV files, any database (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL), and cloud sources. No additional tools are required: Cockpit is a single-stack tool that makes it incredibly simple to prepare, analyze and visualize any data source, structured or unstructured – with no scripting, no expensive hardware.

With a faster, more flexible and seamlessly integrated system, DICV is now able to generate reports and create dashboards that allow all its managers to share 360-degree plant units information. RTPM reporting module is designed to provide management with a web portal and mobile application to easily access production data for the improved planning, review and analysis of production activities.

By defining key performance indicators, gathering real-time performance data, putting that data into a meaningful context and then distributing it to key decision makers at all levels of the organization, these solutions gave users actionable and timely information that increased responsiveness and, ultimately, profitability. Also, these KPIs must be tracked over time to ensure that the benefits achieved are sustained and any deviations from operational goals are quickly identified.

Digimind’s Cockpit System helped in production units reporting, leading to a more effective and profitable processing and maintenance strategy. Departments at the plant submitted their data through Apps or Web. Cockpit System transformed this data collected from different sources and converted into real-time visual reports in a matter of minutes.

Business Benefits

Allows users to precisely determine operational levels and how has production data impacted key business drivers. This information can then be used to determine (and justify) what changes, if any, are required to the production process in order to improve overall plant performance, including equipment changes and replacements, changes to operating practices.

Quick decision making. Close monitoring of KPIs ensure that the operational efficiency is sustained and any deviations from operational goals are quickly identified

Having accurate, reliable information about key KPIs allows the production plant to put together relevant action plans to address the causes

Simple access of the information through a web-based system enables anyone (authorised user) in the business to access the information directly

Ability to properly capture and store production related information on any particular day, providing comparative information for benchmarking the operation

Increased workshop productivity and reduced repair time

Improved service bay utilization

Reduction in parts inventory levels


Real-Time Performance Management solutions are the key to operational agility on the plant floor and business agility in rapidly changing markets. By defining a series of key performance indicators, gathering production performance data, putting that data into a meaningful context by integrating it with production and quality data, and then distributing it to key decision makers, downtime and production reporting can quickly create meaningful information that drives efficient, high-value operational and maintenance strategies.

Cockpit Features

Cockpit easily transform big data from disparate sources into visual reports in a matter of minutes.

  • Fully Interactive Reports and KPI Dashboards
  • Complex Data – Easy Reporting
  • Create New Cockpit reports in Minutes
  • Multiple Users Creation
  • Key Performance Indicator
  • Trusted by Industry
  • Notification and alerts
  • High level of security
  • Set Yearly targets
  • Bulk Entry


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