Customer Relationship Management

CRM is an offering specifically designed for the real estate industry to help developers efficiently manage Leads, Listings, Sales, Contacts and meetings.

CRM is an online platform that provides an interface to the developers. Agents can monitor end to end Real Estate units lifecycle. Using OwnAspace CRM, developers can also manage their employees/staff, channel partners, and buyers. OwnAspace CRM is based on a Pay-Per-User model. A developer need not incur any significant capital expenditure to use the product.

  • Acquiring new relationships.
  • Integrated data, better insights.
  • Retaining Customer Relationships.
  • Integrated data, better insights.
  • Enhancing Existing Relationships.
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3D layer view

3D layer view of listed property

More clarity achieved through 3D layer view.

360 degree view

Get a 360 degree view of your business

Complete business visibility; Take your business with you everywhere, on your mobile

Integration Compatibility

Integration Compatibility

Third party integration for new contacts and lead generate.

Attach files to record

Attach files to records

Attach documents for keeping records in OWNACRM, either from your computer or any public URL.

crm Features - Workflow Mangement
Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Improve lead conversion rates through data analytics.



Acquire new customers by promoting people on the phone, via live chat, email, through social media.

Automate routine

Automate routine tasks- save time

Quickly see your next-best actions.

Listing Management

Listing Management

Listing is backbone of sales industry, its provide facility to manage propeerty Inventory & new contacts list


This is a database driven application specially designed for Agents/Consultants/Brokers who indulge themselves with ‘N’ number of clients and need to maintain Customer Lifecycle in one place. It’s better to be digitized rather than having the data on papers.


This is an online platform which provides an interface to developers to efficiently manage Leads, Listings, Sales, Contacts and meetings. Time saving CRM that helps you to get better in connect with the customer and close more deals faster.
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